International Camp

Set on a quiet lake in the woods of Maine, the Seeds of Peace International Camp provides a neutral, supportive setting for hundreds of young leaders from regions in conflict to meet their “enemy” face-to-face.

Here, they confront their prejudices and deep-seated fears and tackle the issues that fuel the violence, hatred and oppression at home.

The three-week conflict resolution program is designed to open young minds to the possibility of a new reality. Every aspect of the program fosters trust and respect, and challenges assumptions. The program’s intensity is deliberate.

During hours of discussion conducted by professional facilitators, Seeds confront each other directly over their competing historical narratives and share their personal experiences of the conflict. By the end of the program, the Seeds have achieved new thresholds for understanding perspectives that, for many, were at the start of the summer beyond comprehension.

“What is unique and special about this particular camp is that people never discriminate on the basis of caste, creed, religion or nationality. There is a safe and secure environment where every Seed is able to express their honest views.”
— Humaria, Indian Seed