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January 15, 2012

Harvard Negotiation & Mediation Clinic runs program for Israelis, Palestinians

JERUSALEM | In partnership with the Harvard Negotiation and Mediation Clinic Program at Harvard Law School, Seeds of Peace offered 32 of its Palestinian and Israeli Peer Leaders (aged 16-17) a three-day training in basic mediation and negotiation. “It was a fascinating opportunity to learn how to overcome obstacles in the negotiation process and how to be a good mediator between people, which as Seeds is something we often experience,” said one participant. “We learned a lot of new things,” … FULL STORY

January 8, 2012

Hunting for common ground

Sikh, Christian and Muslim students come together at a three-day Interfaith Harmony Camp Kalvinder Kaur, 15, a Sikh student in a school in Nankana Sahib, had one of the most cherished and unforgettable moments of her life in the past week. For the first time she interacted and lived with Christian and Muslim students the same age for three days and nights. “I never thought of it. It was awesome and lot of fun,” Kalvinder tells The News on Sunday … FULL STORY

December 4, 2011

Change Maker: NGO Seeds of Peace Sets Up Free Medical Camp | PAKISTAN NEWS TODAY

LAHORE | A non-governmental organization (NGO) Seeds of Peace set up a medical camp at the Trust School in Green Town, Lahore in collaboration with the Trust for Education and Development of Deserving Students on Saturday. Around 300 people were treated at the medical camp during the day. The medical camp, which provided free medical checkup, was set up under the ‘Change Maker’ program by Seeds of Peace. The program aims at encouraging young people to plan and execute community … FULL STORY

December 3, 2011

Pakistani Seeds offer free medical clinic

LAHORE | As part of the Seed Ventures program in partnership with Ashoka Youth Ventures, a team of Pakistani Seeds organized a free medical clinic in the Green Town area of Lahore on December 3. The clinic drew 300 people, 65 percent of whom were female, for health screenings and medical checkups. “We wanted to provide basic health screening and create awareness about the importance of health and hygiene in the underprivileged community, which cannot afford private consultants,” said Rana, … FULL STORY

November 23, 2011

Harvesting Hope | NEWSLETTER

Dear Friends, During the summer, the counselors and facilitators at the Seeds of Peace Camp in Maine pour their energy, values and training into new Seeds. Now that it is fall, we are seeing those months of dedication yield significant results as those Seeds engage their communities. At this time of harvest, our Seeds are producing powerful programs and having a real impact back home. South Asia Seeds are engaging as social entrepreneurs, working with Ashoka to develop solutions to … FULL STORY

November 7, 2011

Comedy line-up at B.B. King raises $45,000 at 8th Annual Stand Up for Peace event

NEW YORK | The 8th Annual Stand Up for Peace on November 7 raised nearly $45,000 to support the Seeds of Peace International Camp, regional programming, and the nearly 5,000 graduate Seeds around the world that are actively pursuing the goal of peace. The event took place at the renowned B.B. King Blues Club & Grill, NYC, and was hosted by the Young Leadership Committee of Seeds of Peace. The room was filled with laughter as a packed house enjoyed the … FULL STORY

October 24, 2011

U.S. Seeds hone facilitation skills

NEW YORK | This year’s annual American Seed Thanksgiving conference focused on training Seeds with the skills required to facilitate dialogue in their communities. Throughout the two-day conference, attendees learned and practiced the tools and techniques facilitators use to transform conflict. In addition, 5 Seeds had an opportunity to stay for continued training on Sunday, November 27, and will later directly apply their skills by facilitating dialogue between American high school students at the Cranbrook School’s World Affairs seminar, CultureSpeak, from February 24-25, … FULL STORY

October 22, 2011

Pakistani Seeds organize drama festival

LAHORE | Eleven teams from various government, semi-government and private schools of Lahore participated in the Seeds of Peace Dramatics Festival 2011 on October 22 at the Ali Institute of Education. The grade 8 to 10 students participated in the competition and performed a 10 to 15 minutes skit on the theme of “Imperfection: Man’s Greatest Beauty.” The competition encouraged the participants to see beauty in the imperfect world around them. They took different issues (disability, hopelessness and its solution, … FULL STORY

October 13, 2011

Living with the enemy
in the Gaza Strip | THE ARABIST

Yousef Bashir, 22, lives with a bullet lodged near his spine. “When I imagine myself without the bullet in my back I ask myself would I be the same?” he said. “That bullet talks to me and I talk to it everyday. It is a very personal thing that I go through,” he continued. “I know that it was put there to destroy my life. I look at it and I say I am not destroyed yet.” Bashir has very … FULL STORY

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